Because of tight work schedules, many CFA® candidates do not get a chance to participate in a review class. For those who do, they often have to waste precious time traveling. To secure a decent seat at a large lecture, some candidates leave as early as 4:00 for the 5:30 class. Because of required travel time and inflexible schedule of those classes, some employees often find themselves having difficulty completing their tasks on the job. Furthermore, the review classes are generally large lectures that allow no realistic opportunity for students to ask questions.

Proactive Testing’s workshops provide CFA® preparation services to corporate clients at their own office. This program is designed to provide personal attention to candidates and at the same time help employers maximize their employees’ productivity on the job while they pursue the designation.

Please contact us for a free consultation. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions, and look forward to devising a study plan that fits the unique needs of your group.