With complete personalization, Proactive Testing’s one-on-one tutoring ensures that you will feel confident for the exam. Your curriculum will be custom-designed to suit your needs, based on our assessment of your academic and test-taking strengths. We ensure that you will master the fundamental knowledge, learn our exclusive method of problem-solving, and feel involved and supported every step of the way. You will achieve maximum efficiency and undergo minimum stress in your preparation. Experience has shown that our individualized approach, tailored to your particular needs and goals, is the path to success.

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I took the level II exam in 2012 and failed. Although I placed in the ninth band of failing candidates, I earned below 50% on Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, and Derivatives. Then, I met Bing.

Bing got right to work on designing a study plan to meet my needs. He worked me through the concepts I had trouble with quite successfully. Just as importantly, as we would work through problems, he would talk me through ways that the material could be tested, including possible trick questions. I retook the exam in June and passed, earning 70% and above on all three of my problem areas--even derivatives! I would recommend working with Bing to any candidate who is serious about passing!

~ Charley
   Level III candidate