Proactive Testing’s approach to CFA® preparation consists of a unique method of learning coupled with a customized study plan to help our clients maximize their learning potential.

CFA Institute’s Candidate Body of Knowledge™ (CBOK™) is rooted in current investment practice, which is in turn founded on major assumptions of modern finance and built on basic mathematics.

Proactive Testing’s exclusive teaching method breaks down each curriculum into easy to learn parts. From complex models and theories to sophisticated financial formulas, these esoteric concepts begin with the basics, and we guide our students every step of the way.

We encourage students to understand what is really happening when a business increases its long-term debt by $500 million. How will this debt impact the balance sheet and income and cash-flow statements? How will financial ratios be affected and what would any changes mean? How will it affect the cost of capital and stock price? These are all questions that can be methodically analyzed and interpreted with a holistic understanding of the way the numbers work.

Our method also trains students to become savvy test-takers. By observing how the questions and answers are presented, students can uncover clues to recognize the concepts that are really being tested, leading to better scores and stronger understanding.

During interactive sessions, we provide students with guided practice of those methods that will perfect their analytical and test-taking skills. These practices train students to apply formulas and equations with ease, to identify tricks and pitfalls, to sharpen their algebraic manipulation skills, and to master the art of eliminating wrong answers.

Our exclusive method of focusing on efficient learning and smart testing results in reduced stress, increased confidence, and improved probability of passing the critical CFA® exam.

A structured study plan is vital to a successful preparation. Proactive Testing provides customized syllabi to help clients stay on track. Please see this sample syllabus for the 2018 level III exam that outlines the structure of our tutorial.

My tutoring with Proactive Testing was the single largest contributor to my passing all three CFA exam levels on first attempts. Bing made the curriculum digestible, laid out a track that would keep me on schedule to cover the lessons with time remaining for review, and got me comfortable with the HP-12C calculator, which was critical. He was committed to my success and patient in explaining the concepts and mechanics of the material. When exam days came I felt prepared and was ultimately rewarded for the hard work I had put in.

~ Jason Fuller, CFA
   Fixed Income Analyst